Tamás Lukács UI/UX Designer

Tamás Lukács UI/UX Designer

About Me

Tamás Lukács

In the last 10 years I’ve been working in the field of digital graphics mainly focusing in web design and related projects. The last 3-4 years this profession noticeably realigned toward new trends to concentrate on user-centered (UX) design.


As a result, I had a chance to create and collaborate for the following platforms:

  • MobileMobile
  • TabletTablet
  • DesktopDesktop
  • TvTv


I’ve been fortunate to work on some industry-leading, highly frequented, international sites that gave me many opportunities for growth and experience. As a leader of my team, I’ve been collaborating with 6-8 fellow designers that allowed me to gain knowledge in project and people management as well.

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My works

Esküvő-Center - UX, Logo Booking.com - UX, Webdesign Hungarian Hearts DogRescue Website Spuree - Mobile App TopSyncret - Software JasminCam - Software Néprajzi Tanszék - Webdesign WinnerBody - Webdesign Robinhood - Webdesign Oláh Gumi - Webshop